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Primary and additional offence



If a person is tried only for one crime, the offence in such a criminal case is called “simple”, if a person is tried for several crimes at once, it is called “qualified”. The gravest of the offences charged is the primary offence, the rest are additional offences (sometimes an additional offence is also called an additional qualification).


persons convicted over year


persons acquitted


persons, whose cases have been terminated


crimes recognized as incomplete

Чем закончились дела по статье 207.2, дошедшие до суда по основному составу в 2020 году

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Статистика прекращения дел по статье в 2020 году

Cases terminated due to the absence of corpus delicti, of a crime event, due to non-involvement in the crime (number of persons)
Terminated on other grounds (number of persons)
Сompulsory treatment


additional penalties imposed under the article

Наказания для подсудимых по статье 207.2 в 2020 году

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