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Незаконные производство, сбыт или пересылка наркотических средств, психотропных веществ или их аналогов, а также незаконные сбыт или пересылка растений, содержащих наркотические средства или психотропные вещества, либо их частей, содержащих наркотические средства или психотропные вещества

Primary and additional offence



If a person is tried only for one crime, the offence in such a criminal case is called “simple”, if a person is tried for several crimes at once, it is called “qualified”. The gravest of the offences charged is the primary offence, the rest are additional offences (sometimes an additional offence is also called an additional qualification).


number of persons whose cases have gone through the court


persons convicted for primary offence


persons convicted for additional offence


persons acquitted for primary offence


persons whose cases for primary offence were terminated


total number of cases where this article was used

In 2020, 13992 people were convicted on main offence under this article. 1101 (7.9%) were sentenced to suspended imprisonment, another 12843 (91.8%) got prison sentences. 13 persons were acquitted. Cases involving 244 persons were terminated (1.7% court cases), 221 cases were closed on non-exculpatory grounds.

2263 persons were convicted on additional offense. Court decided to terminate the case for 80 persons on this case by this article on additional offense. 212 people were acquitted of additional offense.

Outcomes of the cases pertaining to Article 228.1 that made it to the court (primary offence)

cases terminated
compulsory treatment

primary offence

additional offence (by the number of persons)

add. qualification (by the number of crimes)

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