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Primary and additional offence



If a person is tried only for one crime, the offence in such a criminal case is called “simple”, if a person is tried for several crimes at once, it is called “qualified”. The gravest of the offences charged is the primary offence, the rest are additional offences (sometimes an additional offence is also called an additional qualification).

Outcome of case 322

Total number of persons convicted8912
Сoercive measures against an insane person124
The crime was uncomplete (preparation of an attempted murder and for the attempt itself)115
Primary penalty types
Deprivation of liberty872
Life imprisonment0
Convicts received sentences that were under the lower limit0
up to one year589
one to three years0
one to two years240
two to three years37
three to five years3
five to eight years2
eight to ten years0
ten to fifteen years1
fifteen to twenty years0
Suspended sentence of deprivation1705
Confinement in a disciplinary military unit0
Restriction of liberty15
Restriction of military service0
Community services3
Mandatory labour8
Forced labour9
Deprivation of the right to occupy a given position or to engage in a given activity1
Suspended sentence with other measures0
Due to the absence of corpus delicti, of a crime event, due to non-involvement in the crime25
Due to an amnesty2
Due to reconciliation with the victim (Article 25 of Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation)20
Due to active repentance (Article 28 of Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation)1657
Criminal measures: fine (article 25.1 Code of Criminal Procedure)1579
On other grounds219
Based on explanatory notes to the Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (also in case of an active repentance, see Article 28 Part 2 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation)6078
Additional penalty
Deprivation of the right to occupy a given position or to engage in a given activity5
Disbarment from holding a special or military rank or honorific titles, service grade or State honours0
Restriction of liberty1
The act committed under crime-free involvement circumstances
self-defence (article 37 Criminal Code of Russian Federation)0
state of necessity (article 39 Criminal Code of Russian Federation)0
circumstances under 38, 40-42 of Criminal Code of Russian Federation0

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